Dog Care & Training Valdosta GA

Dogs are fun and social creatures, but their skills are not all instinctual and are often learned. Start training as soon as is advisable when dogs are puppies, and get them socialized to other dogs and humans especially, to avoid behavioral problems down the line.

Dog Boarding Valdosta GA

Whether you're in the market for a basic indoor kennel or a luxury pet hotel, dog boarding is the best way to enjoy your vacation without the pooch, while also giving him his own getaway. Check below for more.

Dog Care Valdosta GA

The dog days of summer provide lots of opportunities for fun with your dog (camping, hiking, swimming, kayaking and backpacking, to name a few) but also bring a unique set of health hazards and risks pet owners should be aware of; including, but not limited to: dehydration, burned pads, parasite infestation, heat stroke, leptospirosis, and seasonal allergies. Check below for dog care tips and related services.

Dog Care & Clinics Valdosta GA

Dogs can and will get into mischief; it’s just their nature. But be sure you know how to handle or prevent it if your dog tries to get into real trouble; or, heaven forbid, succeeds. Check below for more.

Dog Groomers Valdosta GA

The internet and phonebook can be helpful in locating a dog groomer, but even better is a satisfied friend or trusted professional's reference. Ask your vet, trainer, breeder or rescue organization, and friends if they can recommend any good groomers in your area. Check below for more information.

Dog Parvovirus Treatment Valdosta GA

Even with preventative actions such as vaccinating, Parvovirus can attack. Parvo is a viral canine disease, and the virus grows in rapidly dividing cells such as the intestinal lining. For more information and to find related treatments, check below.

Dog Vaccination Valdosta GA

It's important to have your dog vaccinated at proper intervals and ages. Leptospirosis vaccines especially causes lots of controversy. Lepto can spread to people and it is becoming more prevalent, so many vets are now recommending giving it with initial puppy vaccines and boostering every year. Check below for more on vaccinating your pet and for other pet care related information.

Heartworm Treatment Valdosta GA

Heartworm treatment is a very important part of dog health care. One common parasite is the dirofilaria immitis, a roundworm parasite that travels from host to host through the blood, transferred by mosquitoes biting multiple victims. The worm itself is a filament-like, slim worm that completes its life cycle in mammals. Check below for more info and related dog treatments and care.

Puppy Health Resources Valdosta GA

One easy way to check puppy’s diet health is weighing it and comparing it other dogs or similar breeds normal weight for the same age. You can also do a visual and touch test to determine if your puppy needs to lose some pounds. Check below for more puppy health info or related resources.

Spay & Neuter Services Valdosta GA

Spaying and neutering your pets is the responsible thing to do if you do not intend to breed them or raise any of their offspring, but be sure to have the procedure at the proper ages for your pet so as not to stunt or inhibit their growth or maturity. Check below for more information or to find related dog services.

Veterinarians Valdosta GA

Every pet needs a good general care vet and some require one or more specialty veterinarians. Be sure your vet can adequately handle your pets needs, and the your pet will be comfortable in their care. For more on vets or related pet services, check below.