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The internet and phonebook can be helpful in locating a dog groomer, but even better is a satisfied friend or trusted professional's reference. Ask your vet, trainer, breeder or rescue organization, and friends if they can recommend any good groomers in your area. Check below for more information.

Kristin's Whiskers & Paws, L.L.C
(806) 687-4914
3501 50th St. Ste. 222
Lubbock, TX
At Kristin's Whiskers and Paws, we are committed to the highest quality styling and caring for your pet.

Pampered Paws Pet Health Spa, Resort & Nutrition Center
806-793-7387 (PETS)
5201 13th St.
Lubbock, TX
Pampered Paws Pet Care Facility has the staff that has dedicated their life to caring for pets. We offer professional pet styling; specializing in Terriers, creative and exquisite scissor work. Overnight accommodations are available, as well as doggie play care and a Holistic nutrition center. Come by; experience Pampered Paws difference where weCare for your petsmental and physical wellbeing?

Lubbock Pet Grooming
(806) 785-1010
4029 34th St
Lubbock, TX

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Paws & Claws Pet Grooming
(806) 795-9591
4818 Louisville Ave
Lubbock, TX
Grooming At Tiffanys
(806) 722-1000
5155 Aberdeen Ave
Lubbock, TX
Pets by Camille LLC dba Pet Excellence Prof. Pet Grooming
(806) 785-0100
5020-50th St.
Lubbock, TX
My grooming salon is dedicated to quality pet grooming,not quantity.I have been grooming pets here in Lubbock for over 30 years. Our large salon is bright and fresh. An exercise yard is available.Each pet receives top notch treatment and loving care. Individual appointments are a specialty with length of stay kept to a minimum. Every effort is made to ensure your pet enjoys its grooming session.

Heavenly Paws
(806) 793-4468
3410 98th Street Ste # 8
Lubbock, TX
We are family owned and opperated. We have 4 very skilled groomers to serve your pets every need. We offer a Senior Discount on Mondays. We are open Monday-Saturday for all your pets needs.
Grooms most/all breeds of dogs, Special Care Appointments , Hand Stripping Services, Cat Grooming Services, Offers Large Dog (70+ Pounds) Grooming Services, Pet Pickup and Delivery

Lubbock Pet Grooming Inc
(806) 785-1010
4029 34th St.
Lubbock, TX
Pet Excellence Professional Pet Grooming & Doggie Day Care
(806) 438-8994
5020 50th Suite 115 Yorktown Plaza
Lubbock, TX
Groomingdale's Pet Parlor
(806) 793-3757
2803 Slide Rd
Lubbock, TX
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Dog Grooming Basics - Tools and Techniques

Dog Grooming Basics - Tools and Techniques

A dog of any breed will need grooming to look and feel her best. Grooming your dog appropriately may take a few minutes to quite a few hours each week, depending on breed and coat type.

Not all pet owners may have the time, skill, desire, or expertise needed to keep their dog's coat, nails, skin, teeth, and ears in the best possible shape. For these owners, it is best to hire a dog groomer.

Evaluating A Dog Grooming Business

What are your grooming goals - a well-trimmed family dog or preparing a dog for conformation showing? Finding a talented show groomer may be much more difficult than finding a wonderful groomer who specializes in fabulous cuts for pet dogs. If you are looking for a show groomer, contact your breeder or breed club for recommendations.

The internet and phonebook can be helpful in locating a dog groomer, but even better is a satisfied friend or trusted professional's reference. Ask your vet, trainer, breeder or rescue organization, and friends if they can recommend any good groomers in your area. Also ask about typical rates for services in your area. (Prices may vary depending upon a dog's breed, special health, behavior, or grooming situations, type of products used, etc.)

Prepare a list of questions (some are suggested below), and begin interviewing!

How long have you been in business? How did you learn to groom? Has an animal ever been injured in your care? What experience do you have grooming dogs of this breed? Can you provide references from other area pet professionals (vets, trainers, etc.) and from clients? (Follow up on these!)

If your pet has special coat and grooming requirements, health or behavioral problems (hot spots, existing fear of groomer, corded coats, mange, severe/extensive matting, need for anal gland expression, separation anxiety, ear plucking, fear biting during nail clipping, etc.), ask what type of experience the groomer has working with animals with the same needs.

After you've found the right answers to your questions from one or more professionals, check with the Better Business Bureau to make sure the company has no complaints on file; and make sure that they carry an active insurance policy. If all that checks out, schedule a visit to the facility.

The facility should be clean, well-lit, and inviting. Do the dogs look happy and well cared for? Is the staff friendly and helpful?

If you feel good about a potential dog groomer, schedule an appointment. If you are uncomfortable leaving your dog alone the first time, ask if you can attend during the grooming - this is a valuable training opportunity for you to teach your dog that the groomer's can be a great experience with lots of yummy treats! If the groomer refuses, look elsewhere for services.

Whomever you choose as your groomer should recommend dog grooming tools and supplies to help you maintain the dog's coat and good condition in between grooming visits.

Dog Grooming Tips

You may decide that you d...

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What Does a De-Shedding Tool Do?

What Does a De-Shedding Tool Do?

Densely furred cats and dogs have combination coats made up of longer, coarser top fur and softer, finer inner fur that creates a warm air-trapping blanket for the skin in cold weather. It is the pet's undercoat that tends to tangle, mat and clump as it is shed if it is not groomed carefully. In extreme cases, the unfortunate result is a weakened and dulled coat, or a thick thatch that must be simply shaved.

A de-shedding tool for pet grooming reaches past the longer outside hairs and removes the inner coat hairs before they mat and thatch. It protects the coat for future growth and keeps the skin surface clean and properly aired and stimulated. The de-shedding tool does not cut hair, but it allows hair that has already detached from the hair follicle to be discarded. Most dogs and cats do not find the process uncomfortable and they enjoy the comfort of a coat not bound up with mats.

The de-shedding tool is not analogous to the thinning scissors that stylists use to reduce bulk in human hair. Thinning scissors cut; the de-shedder releases loose hair.

Typical dogs that are good candidates for de-shedding include: Poodles, Shih Tzus, Maltese, Bichons, Portuguese Water Dogs, Malamutes and Irish Water Spaniels.

Similarly, long-haired cats benefit from the de-shedding tool. Because de-shedding helps prevent hairballs, de-shedding is a health enhancement for all cats, especially Himalayan and Persian types. (Rabbits, especially Angoras, also benefit from the de-shedding tool.)

While the de-shedding tool prevents mats and tangles, it does not easily or comfortably remove them, so it should be used regularly, about once a week, in order to maintain a well-groomed coat. Winter and summer, the tool can be used according to schedule, but users will notice that the bulk of fur removal happens in spring and summer when dogs and cats naturally shed. Therefore, users do not need to worry about the de-shedding tool thinning out a thick coat. It will not cut hair...

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