Dog Tales Boston MA asked its mobile panel to take a picture of their dogs and provide some information on their favorite dog parks in Boston, MA. Below are the tales provided by our panelists in Boston, MA.

Winston Koni the Labrador Retriever

Hi, my name is Winston Koni. I'm the Labrador Retriever who lives with Adrian near Revere. As for my favorite dog park, Great marsh at beachmont ma

Rascal the Mixed Breed

Hi, my name is Rascal. I'm the Mixed Breed who lives with Shannon near Boston.

Oliver the Shih Tzu

Hi, my name is Oliver. I'm the Shih Tzu who lives with Veronica near Boston.

Christina's Dogs

The breeds of my dogs? Pomeranian and Yorkie. My dogs are named Louie and Mia. What can I say about my favorite dog park? There are none located in the area I live.

Freya the German Shorthaired Pointer

This is Freya the German Shorthaired Pointer who lives with Kyle near Boston. Kyle says:Freya is not my dog; rather, she is my family's dog, and she resides at my childhood home in the western part of the state. however, with the way she greets me anytime i visit, i claim her (but you can keep the bills, mom!). anyway, back on topic. there is a large field around the house where i bring freya to run off her pent up energy. the field is an old, large tree farm that has tons of room - we are talking miles. it's relatively rural, right on the border of ma and ct, and one can often see a lot of wild life out there (mostly deer). gsps by nature need a lot of exercise, so a field so large, within walking distance, is pretty clutch. freya agrees.

Peter's dogs

The breeds of my dogs? Black labs. My dogs are named Sally and Olly What can I say about my favorite dog park? It is wide open and full of trees in the middle of boston

Washington Street Park
1227 Washington St.
Boston, MA
Nunziato Off-Leash Recreational Area
Putnam St. & Summer St.
Somerville, MA
Pope John Paul II Park
(617) 727-6034
Gallivan Boulevard
Dorchester, MA
Southwest Corridor Park
(617) 727-0057
Lamartine Street
Jamaica Plains, MA
Breakheart Reservation/Bark Place
177 Forest St.
Saugus, MA
Charlesgate Dog Run
Charles River Esplanade
Boston, MA
Brookline Ave Playground
575 Brookline Avenue
Brookline, MA
Fresh Pond
250 Fresh Pond Pkwy.
Cambridge, MA
Belle Island State Park
Bennington Street
Revere, MA
Cold Spring Park
1200 Beacon Street
Newton Centre, MA