Dog Tales Bridgeport CT asked its mobile panel to take a picture of their dogs and provide some information on their favorite dog parks in Bridgeport, CT. Below are the tales provided by our panelists in Bridgeport, CT.

Peanut the Beagle

Hi, my name is Peanut. I'm the Beagle who lives with Frett near Shelton. As for my favorite dog park, it has 2 sides. one for smaller dogs and one for bigger dogs. its plentiful with tennis balls and room to run

Roxy the Labrador Retriever

Hi, my name is Roxy. I'm the Labrador Retriever who lives with Jessica near Shelton. As for my favorite dog park, it has a river for the dogs to swim

Lee's Dogs

The breeds of my dogs? Chiwawa. My dogs are named Steven, Nani, and Hazel. What can I say about my favorite dog park? It's a pretty nice place.

Trout Brook Valley
Easton & Weston, CT
Winslow Park
25 Connecticut 136
Westport, CT
Cranbury Park
300 Grumman Avenue
Norwalk, CT
Bark Park Dog Park
Prospect Ridge Road cor. Governor St
Ridgefield, CT
Nod Brook
44 Connecticut 10
Simsbury, CT
Mohegan Lake
Lake Mohegan
Fairfield, CT
Taylor Farm
Beach Road
Norwalk, CT
Hamden Dog Park
Waite Street
Hamden, CT
Lake Wintergreen
Lake Wintergreen
New Haven, CT
Bark Park- South Windsor
Nevers Road Park
South Windor, CT