Dog Tales Buffalo NY asked its mobile panel to take a picture of their dogs and provide some information on their favorite dog parks in Buffalo, NY. Below are the tales provided by our panelists in Buffalo, NY.

Dakota the Border Collie

Hi, my name is Dakota. I'm the Border Collie who lives with Alyssa near Blasdell. As for my favorite dog park, We do not have many local dog parks. Only 1 and it's not very big.

Rex the Dachshund

Hi, my name is Rex. I'm the Dachshund who lives with Thomas near Orchard Park.

Buffalo Dachshund Meet Ups
Buffalo, NY
Madison Square Park
10 Madison Avenue
Brooklyn, NY
Blydenburg Dog Park
100 Veterans Memorial Highway
Hauppauge, NY
Tompkins Square Park
E. 7th St. and Ave. A
New York, NY
The Nethermead
95 Prospect Park West
Brooklyn, NY
Washington Square Park
5 Avenue
New York, NY
Tompkins Square Park
East 9th Street at Avenue B
Manhattan (East Village), NY
Palmetto Playground
Columbia Place and State Street
Brooklyn Heights, NY
Kingston Point
4 Delaware Avenues
Kingston, NY
Fish Bridge Dog Park
Dover & Pearl Sts.
Manhattan, NY