Dog Tales Miami Beach FL asked its mobile panel to take a picture of their dogs and provide some information on their favorite dog parks in Miami Beach, FL. Below are the tales provided by our panelists in Miami Beach, FL.

Eli the Pitbull

Hi, my name is Eli. I'm the Pitbull who lives with Rockson near Miami. As for my favorite dog park, Central park

Rover the Mixed breed

Hi, my name is Rover. I'm the Mixed breed who lives with Marshall near Miami. As for my favorite dog park, 80th street park

Luigi the Yorkshire Terrier

Hi, my name is Luigi. I'm the Yorkshire Terrier who lives with Mariana near Miami. As for my favorite dog park, i don't go to a dog park

Pinetree Bark Park
(305) 673-7730
4400 Pinetree Drive
Miami Beach, FL
Rickenbacker Causeway
Rickenbacker Causeway
Miami-Dade, FL
Kennedy Bark Park
2400 South Bayshore Drive
Miami, FL
Oleta River State Park
(305) 919-1844
3400 NE 163rd Street
Miami, FL
Poinciana Neighborhood Park & Poinciana Dog Park
1301 South 21st Avenue
Hollywood, FL
Pace Bark Park
Northeast 20th Street
Miami-Dade, FL
Amelia Earhart Bark Park
401 E 65th St
Haileah, FL
Blanche Bark Park
Virginia Street and Shipping Avenue
Miami, FL
Founders Park (south end)
(305) 466-8556
3105 NE 190th St
Miami, FL
Bark Park in Pembroke Pines
Johnson Street
Pembrook Pines, FL