Dog Tales Poughkeepsie NY asked its mobile panel to take a picture of their dogs and provide some information on their favorite dog parks in Poughkeepsie, NY. Below are the tales provided by our panelists in Poughkeepsie, NY.

Snowball the German Shepherd

Hi, my name is Snowball. I'm the German Shepherd who lives with Tina near Highland. As for my favorite dog park, My yard is my favorite its huge and private

Chloe the Mixed Breed

Hi, my name is Chloe. I'm the Mixed Breed who lives with Brandi near Poughkeepsie. As for my favorite dog park, We usually go on hikes

Isabella the Pug

Hi, my name is Isabella. I'm the Pug who lives with Allison near Haviland. As for my favorite dog park, family park with lots of space

Jamie's dogs

The breeds of my dogs? Akita & lab. My dogs are named Tonka & onyx

Kingston Point
4 Delaware Avenues
Kingston, NY
Fillmore Glen Small Dogs Club
(315) 497-3246
Fillmore Glen State Park
Moravia, NY
Coindre Hall
Browns Road
Huntington, NY
Madison Square Park
10 Madison Avenue
Brooklyn, NY
Thomas Jefferson Park
East 112th Street at First Avenue
Manhattan (Harlem), NY
West Hills Dog Park
Sweet Hollow Rd
Huntington, NY
Union Park Dog Run
15th Street & Union Square West
New York, NY
Pelham Bay Park
Bruckner Blvd
Bronx, NY
West Hills County Park
Sweet Hollow Rd
Huntington, NY
Camp Border Collie & Furry Friends (Glen Highland Farm)
(607) 263-5415
217 Pegg Road
Morris, NY