Dog Tales Santa Clarita CA asked its mobile panel to take a picture of their dogs and provide some information on their favorite dog parks in Santa Clarita, CA. Below are the tales provided by our panelists in Santa Clarita, CA.

Kristi's Dogs

The breeds of my dogs? Jack Russell Terriers. My dogs are named Sammie and Daisy.

Stephanie's Dogs

The breeds of my dogs? Mixed Breed. My dogs are named Scooter Leah and Juanita. What can I say about my favorite dog park? Central park.

Fontana Dog Park
Golden Oak Way & McAbee Rd
San Jose, CA
Horseshoe Lake
(619) 924-5500
4500 Lake Mary Rd
Mammoth Lakes, CA
San Diego Humane Society and SPCA Dog Park
(760) 757-4357
2905 San Luis Rey Road
Oceanside, CA
Bernal Heights
Bernal Heights Boulevard
San Francisco, CA
Montecito Park
Montecito Blvd
Santa Rosa, CA
Lake Earl Wildlife Area
(707) 464-2523
Old Mill Rd.
Fort Dick, CA
Mountain lake Park
(650) 666-7200
8th Avenue at Lake Street
San Francisco, CA
Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park
(925) 931-1335
Foothill Road
Pleasanton, CA
Benton Airport Park
(916) 225-4095
Placer Street and Airpark Drive
Redding, CA
Cipriani Park Dog Exercise Area
(650) 595-7441
2525 Buena Vista Ave
San Francisco, CA