Dogs, Breeds & Breeders Springfield MO

Dogs make great, loving pets and there are many different breeds to suit any lifestyle or personality. Look to animal shelters and rescue agencies or reputable, licensed dog breeders when deciding to purchase your first puppy.

Animal Photography Springfield MO

Patience, perseverance and understanding are the keys to good animal photography. You have to know your subject’s behavior, whether that be your household dog or a wild coyote, and wait for the perfect shot. Scroll down for more information.

Dog Adoption Springfield MO

Before making any decisions, it should be know that adopting a dog does involve a financial commitment. Puppy adoption in particular can be costly; within the first year you'll have to budget for spaying/neutering and the necessary vaccinations. Carefully consider the costs of food, veterinary care, pet toys and beds, grooming and even boarding at a kennel if you go on vacation every year. Check below for more information.

Dog Carriers and Travel Accessories Springfield MO

Pet travel crates should be big enough for your dog to stand in the carrier and should feature access to a well-secured water reservoir. The bottom should be padded. The sides should be sturdy and ventilated. Interior seams should be well joined and neither sharp nor movable so as to pinch. For more information or to find related products, check below.

Dog Fostering Springfield MO

How do you decide if you have the space and time to be a foster parent to a dog? Fostering a dog is becoming a popular way of helping dogs in shelters prepare for a forever home and can be a rewarding experience, as practice for first-timers thinking of getting their own dog soon or for those who are dog lovers, but don't want the fulltime commitment. Check below for more.

Dog Tales Springfield MO asked its mobile panel to take a picture of their dogs and provide some information on their favorite dog parks in Springfield, MO. Below are the tales provided by our panelists in Springfield, MO.

Dog Walkers Springfield MO

If your schedule prohibits you from providing your dog's basic exercise and walking needs, it may be time to hire a professional who can provide those services. Dog daycare and dog walkers can be two great ways to give your dog additional exercise and stimulation. Check below for more information.

Family-Friendly Dogs Springfield MO

The most important predictor of a dog's reliability with children is socialization history. Puppies that are well socialized with kids grow into dogs that are more reliable around children.

Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds Springfield MO

If you choose to bring a pet into the home despite the inevitable allergy symptoms, consult with your allergist about appropriate air filters and vacuums - clean frequently and thoroughly.

Pet Stores and Dog Breeders Springfield MO

Though pet stores may have a wide selection of dogs from which to choose, be sure to thoroughly check their breeder and supplier information and also consider local, reputable dog breeders and animal shelters when purchasing your new pooch. For more info, please scroll below.